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Camping Havana Resort

As soon as we arrive at Havana Resort we understand that here, we do things differently. The warm and funny welcome of the Cuban staff can only make you smile. They will only let you in after a playful tease. It’s at this moment that you decide … ok I’m in! But in what? A weekend here certainly does not promise you rest and tranquility, but a good dose of entertainment. The weekend schedule is breathtaking and the theme of the Cuban “resort” is not left to chance. The campsite is just as colorful as the staff.

The Havana Resort campsite has been open for three years and is expanding rapidly. This is an ambitious project and we hope it will mature in the next few years. Like most visitors, we loved the pool and its bar worthy of a hotel. A variety of iced cocktails are served here. The atmosphere around the pool is frantic. Bingo, games, dance and frenzied animation.

The beach at the other end of the campsite offers a relaxed atmosphere with sun loungers and palapas. To get there we opt for the small shuttle that brings us there.

PLage du camping Havana Resort

Although some advertised services are no more, the fact remains that the campsite offers:

  • Children’s park
  • Water sports
  • Swimming pool
  • Beach
  • Shuttle service
  • Mini farm
  • Cantine
  • Bar and disco
  • Utility room
  • Fully equiped cabins for rent

The camp sites

We recommend that you choose your site before your visit. Some sites may seem narrow. Our favorite areas are those of Havana Street as well as those of the section identified seasonal but which hosts a majority of travelers. The section of Manzanillo Street is to be  avoided as much as possible. The grounds are very unfriendly and small. They still offer a nice proximity to the pool.

Source: Camping Havana Resort

Very cute and well equipped cabanas are available for rent. Their pastel colors embellish the site and contribute to its holiday atmosphere.


In short

We go for the Latin atmosphere, the staff and the animation. We enjoy the pool and the beach. We love the more adult vocation with the disco and the bar. We would like a little more distance with our neighbors on certain campsites.

For more information on Camping Havana Resort visit their website:

631, 7e Rang
Maricourt QC J0E 2L2
514 774-7979


  • 50 amp grounds bring your adapter!
  • You can not bring your alcohol on the pool enclosure.
  • The curfew is not as severe as elsewhere.
  • Fill your RV tank with water because the pressure can drop or even drastically break during peak hours.

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