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Camping Chutes Fraser, La Malbaie

Located at La Malbaie in Charlevoix, Chutes Fraser has been set up since 1962 on an enchanting site. The main attraction of this campsite is obviously the famous falls. I present in this post a campsite taking place on a pitoresque site. To pay tribute to this beautiful region, I’ll soon be preparing a short article on Charlevoix’s must see for a short getaway.


The campsite facilities are modest but clean, well maintained and functional. The interesting activities that can be practiced there are focused on the surrounding nature. Hikes, bike paths, fishing and even picking wild fruits! Not to mention what the region of Charlevoix offers (article to follow). No water games and trampolines. No entertaining and organized activities. We love the tranquility of the place in harmony with its environment.


With a boyfriend who loves fishing native trout in a stream, we came across the perfect campground. The fishing was excellent at the top of the fall. The fish were at the rendezvous and bigger than in some pits elsewhere on the river.

Tranquility reigns and the majority of the grounds offer privacy that is similar to that found in provincial and federal parks. The most beautiful sites are 2-service sites. If you only stay a few nights, they may be a good option for recreational vehicles as some are of a good size. For all these reasons I recommend the 2-service land of section A.


Three-service sites for large equipment are good size but offer less privacy. We still appreciated that they are grassed and well leveled.


In short, the Fraser Falls campground is ideal for campers looking for peace and wanting to enjoy the various activities that the beautiful Charlevoix region has to offer.


For information:

Camping chutes Fraser
500 chemin de la Vallée
La Malbaie, QC, Canada
G5A 1C2

Tel.: 418.665.2151
Fax: 418.665.6761


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