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You need this app to plan your next roadtrip!

You have no doubt noticed that I am, in addition to a camping fan, a roadtrip lover. Like most of you, I have a busy life and I don’t have too much time to plan meticulously all my getaways. Most of the time I start the planning process when I’m in the car. Thanks to my data plan!

During my last roatrip in Coaticook, I came across this great app! A life saver! An interactive application that offers tours guided by GPS. With the Balado Discovery app, you can choose a tour that fits your interests and then follow it at your own pace. In the region of Coaticook alone, the app offered us a dozen tours that ranged from visiting producers and farm products to a tour of the historic places in the area.

The great thing about this app is that you can choose the places that interest you, combine a few tours and create your own itinerary. In addition the application is free. Finally, if you are more forward-thinking than me, I advise you to pre-download your routes before leaving the house to save your data.

The app proposes more than 75 English itinerary in Quebec. It also offers tours in other Canadian provinces as well as in the United States and even in Europe.

For an overview of the app visit the website: http://baladodiscovery.com/

To download the application, follow the links below:

Download BaladoDiscovery for iOS

Download BaladoDiscovery for Android


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