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10 must-have apps for the nomadic camper

Over the years, with the evolution of technology, planning a trip has become easier and easier. With the advent of smart devices and applications, we have at hand valuable information.

I’ve put together this list of valuable apps that we use when we camp or take a roadtrip. Some have become essential elements of our planning.

1. state lines

State Lines is a very useful application for your roadtrips in the United States. It provides a lot of useful information regarding speed limits, towing information, parking in rest areas specific to US states.

2. Sleep pillow

Sleeping in the parking lot of a WalMart while for an overnight stay can be noisy. If you have trouble sleeping, this application might be useful. Sleep Pillow provides high quality ambient sounds to make you sleep. The app creates a relaxed environment and place you in a cyclical sleep pattern.

3. RV Checklist

I am the self-proclaimed queen of lists. The compulsive planner in me loves this app. The app makes it possible to manage different lists for different situations, for example: a camping weekend or a Florida trip. Never again will you leave without your bbq!

4. history here

For history buffs, HISTORY Here is an interactive guide for thousands of historic places throughout the United States. The application is very easy to use, you just have to click on the markers around your position to discover the hidden story that surrounds you.

5. Allstays 

My #1 choice to find campgrounds on the road. The app displays national, state and municipal parks as well as private campsites. The app also helps you find options for overnight parking like Walmarts, Sams Club, Cracker Barrels and truck stops.

Open the app, view the map, click on a park and get its name and distance. You can click on the address, number of sites, available connections, etc.

6. Field Trip

This app works using the GPS function of your phone. The Field Trip app sends you an alert when you’re near an interesting local attraction. You can tailor it to your interests; historic sites, geat restaurants, cool stores and unique places.

7. IExit

Driving around in an VR means it can be harder to maneuver. Choosing the wrong exit, not finding what you are looking for or realizing that what you were looking for is rather far from the motorway can be frustrating.

iExit helps you navigate when you travel to the United States. The default mode displays a summary of each upcoming exit. You can also search for upcoming exit for a specific store, restaurant, access to Wi-Fi, play areas, rest areas, and more.

8. wi-fi finder

Tired of using all your cellular while on a trip? This application allows you to find free Wi-Fi around you. The offline feature allows you to download places you are traveling to so you can find fast Wi-Fi anywhere without using your data.

9. all stays rv dumps

When you have to go, you have to go! This app helps you find dump stations near your location. Very convenient for those who take advantage of free parking areas during an RV roadtrip.

10. Gaz buddy

IOS est seulement disponible aux États-Unis. Vous pourrez le télécharger lorsque vous traverserez la frontière. 

Well known, this app allows you to find the cheapest gas nearby, in the United States and Canada. The application sorts the gaz stations by distance and compares the prices of regular, super, premium or diesel fuel.


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